Horizon Engineers were awarded a challenging government contract known as the ‘Engineering Assessment Contract’ by Broadspectrum, the Principle Contractor for ‘NSW Land and Housing Corporation’.

In 2017, Broadspectrum engaged Horizon Engineers to execute structural assessments on a number of public housing complexes that required engineering assessment.

Horizon Engineers: Government Contract

This unique government contract requires special technical engineering capability demonstrated by horizon engineers. These include the ability to:

  • Condition assessment of existing structures.
  • Analysis of data using engineering principles.
  • Evidence based conclusions and recommendations for repairs accompanied with construction drawings.
  • Present findings in scientific report presented in a format suitable for all levels of Government, including tribunals.

Since being awarded the LAHC contract, Horizon Engineers have assessed more than 200 structures for various types of issues like structural defect, plumbing, ventilation and other services issues.

Our clients/ partners, Broadspectrum, are a multinational organization with over ten thousand employees worldwide and will continue to manage the LAHC contract with Horizon Engineers as its leading engineer firm.