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About Us

About Us

We are a multi-discipline engineering firm that prides itself on quality and improvements. We have engineered our company to reach new ‘Horizons’ by consistently refining and enhancing all aspects of the business. This includes internal processes & procedures, technology and most importantly quality systems.

Quality is the key and fundamental aspect of Horizon Engineers growth and prosperity. In the words of the Greek Philosopher, Aristotle, “Quality is not an act, it is a habit”, quality is Horizon Engineers habit and is entrenched in its culture.

What We Do

We provide integrated engineering consulting services across a number of sectors including infrastructure and transport, commercial and residential development. Read more

What We Can Provide

Start-to-end project consultancy services ranging from feasibility study, detailed design, project management to delivery, which includes among other capabilities, construction supervision, auditing, and testing/commissioning. See completed projects by Horizon Engineers Projects. Click Here

Key Design Principles

We have identified the following key principles associated with the project and explored them further in the sections here under:

Full design coordination, both intra and inter-disciplinary, is a key element of our approach to design. We will hold regular coordination meetings both in-house and with other engineer consultant, to ensure close coordination within Civil/Hydraulic building services and other l building services disciplines, structural and architect.

Commercial consideration should always be of paramount importance. We have allowed for participation in all value-management discussions to ensure that all proposed systems and options be fully justifiable by commercial considerations.

Consider all build-ability issues including material and labour availability and skills, the work sequence and staging constraints and the impact of these factors.

We take a proactive role in major decision-making processes in all phases of the project by providing responsive solutions to the design issues as they arise and are prepared to develop these solutions within a collaborative team environment.

Horizon Engineers Value Management process incorporates the following:

  • Value management of building services integration to site conditions.
  • Flexibility in the design process to enable future modifications and additions.
  • Inclusion of latest technology and energy efficient systems.
  • Incorporation of operational and maintenance requirements.
  • Reliability for emergency services, safety.
  • Integrated services, structure and building form.

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About Us


What We Do

About Us

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